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5 reasons to join a One You Leeds Cook Well taster session!

Ministry of Food, Leeds are back delivering their face to face taster sessions! Find out our top 5 reasons why we think you should you book onto one of their classes and learn to cook!

1. Expand your pallet and try new things

There are so many different ingredients and food combinations, that many of us have never experienced. By joining a taster session, you can get an insight into interesting new recipes, ingredients, and techniques, finding out how to make new meals at home. Follow Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food recipes, using locally sourced food. It’s a great way to gain control over the food you’re eating, helping you create healthier options.

2. Try a taster session before the 8 week course!

Not sure if you want to commit to the full 8-weeks? This is why our taster sessions are perfect! You’ll get to meet the cookery trainers, get a feel for the session and find out whether it’s something for you. By joining in on a cooking class, you’ll learn how to follow one of Jamie’s fantastic recipes and the best part of it is, you get to take home whatever you make!

one you leeds cooking

3. Meet new people

After over a year of lockdowns, we may start feeling ready to try new things. These taster sessions can give you a safe environment to get back out there and meet new people. The taster sessions are being delivered at a reduced capacity. You’ll be joined by a small group of people also wanting to find out how to make their meals healthier, you may even make new lasting friendships!

4. Learn something new

Are you already a foodie? The house chef? Or a complete beginner? Being able to cook is an amazing skill to have! By joining the service you can find out how to make those meals healthier or learn a signature dish! The taster sessions can give you a great insight into the types of skills you’ll learn on the course. From how to handle cooking utensils, sourcing local food, and getting in your 5 a day – there’s something for everyone! 5. It’s Fun!

Are you still not sold? These sessions are a great way to have some fun and learn something new. It’s perfect for all levels and is hands on and practical, you’ll be able to show your friends and family your new cooking skills!

We asked our new Outreach Coordinator Teah, who joined one of the taster sessions, what she thought:

“I thought it was amazing! I don’t really cook much myself, so it was great to learn so many new techniques. They showed me how easy it was to incorporate your 5 a day into your diet AND have healthy food that tastes nice! So I would definitely recommend this to anyone thinking about it”.

Get in touch with our team on 0800 169 4219 to book a place!