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Husband and wife lose 3 stone in weight between them by supporting each other during lockdown

John had been told by his doctor that he needed to lose weight. His doctor believed that his weight gain was worsening his sleep apnoea and knee problems. Not only was his weight affecting his health, but it was also impacting his clothing choices. John was also finding that his clothes were feeling too tight, and he did not have enough shirts that fit him for work.

How did they lose weight?

Since John and Ruth joined during lockdown, they took part in our remote adult weight management sessions. Our classes are currently being delivered online, through Teams. John and Ruth, like many of our participants, have loved the convenience of online sessions without needing to travel, whereas others miss the face-to-face contact. Having taken this onboard going forward (providing it is safe to do so) we hope to do a mixture of both.

How did weekly sessions help?

Ruth and John both found that weighing themselves on a weekly basis kept them on track. Seeing their weight gradually decreasing clearly showed them that the changes they were making were having a real positive impact. There is not the usual pressure of group weight ins; your weight remains between you and your health coach.

They both enjoyed being a part of a group and seeing the same people each week. The group aspect helped to keep them focused and keep the weight loss sustainable.

The results

They have both lost an impressive amount of weight through adopting healthier eating habits. Ruth and John have so far lost 1 stone (6.4 kg) and almost 2 stone (12.2kg) respectively. Ruth had initially joined the programme to support John on his journey, making her weight loss even more remarkable!

Where are they now?

Since completing the programme, not only are they feeling healthier, John is sleeping better and experiencing greater mobility in his knees. Though John has had to buy new work shirts, we are sure it was a small price to pay for his improved health and increased confidence!

Having completed the full 12 weeks, John is determined to continue with his new, healthier, lifestyle and lose another stone in weight. He has gained all the tools he needs to do this, and we will check in to see how they are both doing and provide any help they may need. Both Ruth and John are also intending to continue using their workbooks and weighing themselves on a weekly basis to make sure they stay on track and sustain their weight loss.

If you are looking to lose weight through healthy lifestyle changes, you can sign up for our free 12-week Manage Your Weight programme