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Maria's Quit Smoking Success

Maria joined our Be Smoke Free programme last year with the aim to “completely stop smoking and to stop for life!” And we are thrilled to have been able to help her.

Maria had previously quit smoking for 25 years however, after going through a stressful situation, she reverted back to smoking. Once Maria worked through the stressors in her life, she joined One You Leeds for help to get back on track and improve her health.

Maria, and her quite smoking coach Jessica, believed Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) was the best option. This is where participants receive a dose of clean nicotine through the day. Maria quickly found that Chewing gum was the best option for her.

Speaking of her time on the programme, Maria said*: “The remote service was a huge help in becoming smoke free as the appointments were so helpful and easy. I could have not done any of this had it not been for the support from the programme and my coach!”*

Like many smokers, Maria had to cope with triggers during her quit. Jessica helped her to find coping strategies and distraction techniques to resist the urge to smoke.

now, over 3 months later, Maria is able to breathe more easily; her chest doesn’t feel as tight, and she is seeing the improvement to her overall health in daily life which is giving her the motivation to stay quit. “Now that I am a non-smoker, I want to stay smoke free for a lifetime!”

If you would like support to quit smoking, you can join for free: