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Michael Quits Smoking


Michael has recently completed our free 12 week Be Smoke Free programme. He was motivated to quit smoking for two main reasons: to improve his health and to save money.

Michael discovered our programme after his diabetes nurse urged him to quit smoking and signposted him to Be Smoke Free programme. Having previously tried to quit alone, Michael knew that he would need support in order to be successful in his quit this time.

Michael's Quit Smoking Plan

Michael took part in our programme remotely and chose to receive telephone support from his coach. After discussing his lifestyle, Michael’s coach recommended that he use a vape as his quit smoking aid.

“The support from my coach was really helpful; the experience was really positive, from having my initial appointment to opting for a vape. The staff at the vape shop were also spot on and brilliant.

“When I get thoughts of smoking or cigarettes, I just pick up my vape and this helps me to be smoke free.”


Michael has experienced numerous improvements to his health since quitting, including “I breathe a lot easier, sleep better and I can taste food a lot better.” His bank balance is also a lot healthier, so he has been putting all the money saved towards his passion- maintaining his cars.

Found the whole service great, especially the telephone support.

Michael found the support that his coach was able to give over the phone the most helpful part of the course; our coaches are there to provide motivation and help you through the difficult stages of your quit.

“I feel better in myself. It really helped to know someone was going to be ringing me and giving me support!”

If you would like support to quit smoking, including free quit smoking aid, sign up to our free Be Smoke Free programme