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Susan’s 1 Stone Weight Loss

Susan’s motivation

Susan has struggled for years to maintain a healthy weight but, like many, she found that her weight increased during Covid lockdowns and watched as it “spiralled upwards making me heavier than I had ever been.” At the point that her weight started to impact her health, Susan knew she needed to take action.

Prior to joining One You Leeds’ weight management programme, Susan had tried Weight Watchers and Slimming World. However, she was not able to sustain her weight loss.

Joining the group

After filling in the referral form, I received a telephone call from an extremely pleasant and helpful young man who arranged for me to join the group team meetings.  A link was sent and from there I was connected to the introductory meeting.  No hassle and easy to use.

I joined the weekly group and listened to the information and advice given.  It was both informative and helpful showing in a clear and precise way what needed to be done to help me achieve my goals. It was interesting to hear other people share their opinions and ideas too.

What worked?

“My aim was to lose weight and maintain a healthy eating plan to make this a sustainable lifestyle change.”

The programme teaches participants how to follow a balanced diet and eat the correct portion sizes. Each participants receives a workbook to use both during the sessions and as a useful tool when planning meals.  This was an approach that Susan hadn’t used before and by adopting a healthier diet she was able to lose 12 pounds.

For Susan her biggest challenge was finding the motivation to make the positive changes “I knew what was needed but the question was could I do it?” But the group aspect of the programme really helped; “finding other people with their individual problems made me stop and think.  Some had overcome really difficult times and moved successfully forward so why couldn’t I? This was what I needed to hear so I could move forward.”


Susan began the programme weighing 16 stone 11 and now weighs 15 stone 13: an impressive weight loss of almost 1 stone.  
“I am very grateful for the help and encouragement I found from Marie and her colleagues and look forward to improving my health and well-being. I feel I have proved that not only are you never too old to start but you can improve your health with confidence and motivation.

“I hope to continue my weight loss journey and when I am able intend to walk more and use gentle exercise.” Susan is now planning to join our Move More programme to continue her healthy lifestyle journey.

For help to achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss, sign up to our free Manage Your Weight programme