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The benefits of circuit training | How it can aid weight loss

What are circuit classes, and how can they help you lose weight?

What are circuits?

Circuit classes are made up of a series of short exercises. In a group setting it will typically involve rotating around different exercise stations with a range of equipment. However, circuits can also be performed alone at home. They can consist of whatever exercises you fancy, whether that be star jumps or bicep curls. The great thing about this is that you do not need specialist equipment.

If you’re following along with one of Move More Coach Lewis’ circuit classes, he will often tell you to grab a couple of bottles of water or cans from your cupboard so you don’t need to worry about buying special weights or resistance bands to join in.

How long does a circuit take?

You can spend as little or as much time as you want on your circuits but, for optimum results, it is recommended that you spend between 10-60 minutes total on your circuit routine.

Lewis typically spends 1 minute on each exercise within the circuit. If you are unsure what to expect from a Move More class or want to build your own circuit, check out **Lewis’****s** Alphabet circuit class on Youtube.

What are some of the benefits of circuits?

1. They **a****re great for weight loss**

Because circuit training raises your heart rate high, it also boosts your metabolism. This means that you will continue to benefit from a higher metabolic rate for the rest of the day after your exercise. A faster metabolism means that you will burn more calories than you would during an average day.

2. Training specific areas

Circuits allow you to target specific areas of your body; say you want to tone up your bottom, you could create a glutes circuit achieve just that. In fact, you could focus on a different muscle group each time to avoid boredom.

3. Suitable for all abilities

They can be built to suit your ability and desired intensity level. If you are a bit unsteady on your feet you can stick to low intensity chair-based exercises. Whereas if you are pretty fit and confident, you can do high intensity circuits.

4. Tailor the circuit to your needs

You can repeat each exercise as many or as few times as you like, it depends how much time you have and how your body is feeling.

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If circuits sound like something you’d like to try, you can join Lewis’ free Move More classes, which he is currently delivering online.