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World Obesity Day 2022

In the past few years World Obesity Day has become a staple day in our calendar with the mission to raise awareness on the complexity of living with obesity and its root causes and bring to light how weight related stigma can impact the health and wellbeing of people with obesity.

World Obesity Day does not stop after the 4th of March, but instead should shape our actions for the forthcoming year and become an opportunity for us to reflect on how we can better support those affected by weight stigma and bias and stand with #LeedsAgainstStimga.

It is through those reflection that we share with you the work One You Leeds have done, and the actions planned to continue supporting World Obesity Day and its key messages.

Over the past 12 months One You Leeds has examined all its marketing resources and made changes across our leaflets and posters to create more positive messaging. This has resulted in new leaflets for our Weight Support Service and Eat Better programme.

When creating digital resources and posting across our social media accounts, we make sure we use the ‘Stamping out weight stigma checklist’ By Food Active Food Active | Stamping Out Weight Stigma: A Checklist for the Workforce This checklist is a useful tool to help shape any content we create.

Across our website we have created a resource section which is host to a range of health and wellbeing resources including the Healthy Conversations about Weight. Healthy Conversations About Weight is a health professional guide with the purpose of reducing weight stigma and bias in a patient setting. Healthy Conversations about Weight (

Finally, in December we hosted a Want To Know More session about T2 weight support in Leeds. The Session aims to help raise awareness and understanding of how to talk about weight and the various routes available for weight support in Leeds. The session covered:

• Tips and Hints to have healthy conversations about weight

• What is a T2 Weight Support Service

• What services are available in Leeds – speakers from One You Leeds, Leeds Rhinos Foundation, Leeds United Fit Fans, and Leeds York Partnership Foundation Trust (LYPFT)

If you were unable to join, you can watch the recording of the session here: Healthy Living – Tier 2 weight support service in Leeds - YouTube

What happens next…

In the next 12 months we hope to create a suite of training to provide to health professionals. These sessions will include brief advice on various subject topics from Stopping Smoking to Weight Management and will include conversation starters to help frame healthy conversations. Evidence shows that many people welcome talking about their weight when raised appropriately and sensitively. The Sessions will aim to help raise awareness and understanding of how to talk about weight and the various routes available for weight support in Leeds.

To accompany the suite of training One You Leeds will create a health professional leaflet which will provide tips and hints for starting healthy conversations with the aim to reduce weight stigma and bias across health care settings.

As part of continuous improvement One You Leeds will arrange opportunities for those participating in the service to provide their thoughts and experiences of the One You Leeds programme and share thoughts for our team to better understand root causes and offer additional support and ensure participant feel comfortable and safe throughout the programme. With this feedback we will help shape the development of our services.

Everybody Needs To Act…

Here are some suggestions on how you can take part in World Obesity Day

Share their key messages, you will find a range of digital assets in the link below

World Obesity Day 2022 Leeds Against Stigma Campaign - Google Drive

Work with a task force in your organisation to understand what changes you could make to reduce weight stigma.

Learn about weight stigma, there are some fantastic resources out there. Obesity UK have created a podcast called ‘The reality of Obesity’ helping understand first-hand experiences and how stigma can affect individuals. The Reality of Obesity | Podcast on Spotify

Share your story and your experience with others and raise awareness of weight stigma.  Stories | World Obesity Day