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The service has been commissioned by Leeds City Council following a comprehensive health needs assessment of the city. One You Leeds provides an integrated and easy-to-access option for residents to address a range of lifestyle issues.

This will enable personalised programme planning and allow patients to move seamlessly between healthy lifestyle intervention (e.g. smoking cessation, weight management, physical activity) without the need for re-referral. One You Leeds has been designed to offer services across the city, but with a particular emphasis on attracting those in the most deprived areas.

Smoking Cessation

Patients can use our stop smoking service that utilises the latest research, evidence and licensed medication.

How it Works:

6 x 20-30 minutes sessions

Patients receive either one-to-one (private and confidential consultations) or group support. All activity adheres to the NCSCT Framework.

Support is available for four weeks after the patient’s quit date and other help is offered via calls and text messages and via the One You Leeds website.

Medication to support people during their quit attempts will be available in the form of NRT, Champix and Zyban.

“I have given up smoking for 4 months now and I am more active and love going to the gym”

Jacki (55)

Adult Weight Management

Patients have free access to Momenta – a 12 week weight management behavioural intervention designed to support people to lose weight in a safe and sustainable way. Developed by experts in the fields of psychology, nutrition and physiology, Momenta is evidence-based and maps to NICE guidelines.

How it Works:

Patients are encouraged to gradually change their behaviours around nutrition and activity, understand and address why they eat what they eat and tackle their barriers to being regularly active.

  • Weekly 1 hour classroom based sessions for 12 weeks
  • Groups typically have between 15 and 25 participants
  • Sessions are discussion based
  • Over time patients apply what they learn in the classroom to their day to day lives

This service is also offered on a 1-2-1 basis for individuals who have more complex needs or lack the confidence to attend a group.

For more guidance on how to support patients living with overweight or obesity, you can download our Healthy Conversations About Weight Guidelines

Targeted behaviours include:

Choosing healthier snacks; making time for regular meals; practicing portion control; eating breakfast; cutting back on fat; making a whole grain swap; drinking smart; lowering added sugars; and getting five-a-day.

Physical Activity:

Three sessions focus on the benefits of different types of physical activity – cardiovascular, resistance and lifestyle – as well as reducing sedentary behaviours. We also signpost to relevant activities and problem solve barriers.

Face-to-face and remote service:

Patients are supported appropriately when required. Video and telephone supported and posted resources are available when accessing the remote service offer.

“It has become part of my daily routine. I find I have more energy and feel more awake – It has really changed my life”

Sam (24) Lost 2 stone 4 LBS (17.2% of her body weight) after 12 months

Phyiscal Activity

We encourage people to become more physically active – regardless of their current lifestyle or physical condition. Physical activity is integrated across all other interventions and support provided by One You Leeds.

How it Works:

  • Patient physical activity level is screened using IPAQ.
  • Our Health and Wellbeing Coaches then help patients identify realistic and sustainable ways of introducing more physical activity into their lifestyles.
  • We offer walking groups and introductory level exercise groups. We can also direct you into relevant local activities depending on your requirements.

“I enjoyed the cardio session and the strength session – my shoulder pain has gradually reduced. I also enjoyed company from peers – our coach has been very helpful too!”

Faith (61)

Healthy Eating

How it Works:

60 minute Individual Assessment / 6 x 30 minute support sessions

  • One You Leeds offers support to individuals who wish to improve the quality of their diet.
  • Patients are able to develop practical skills, including shopping and cooking, reading food labels, portion sizes and alcohol units.

“It was unintimidating, non-judgmental and non-competitive. I felt comfortable in the course environment.”

Patrick lost 1 stone 6 lbs during his first 12 weeks

Cooking Skills

How it Works:

90 minute classes / 8 x support sessions

  • Patients complete an initial assessment of their skills to produce an individual plan for support. Support is provided in group classes run by Zest and the Ministry of Food.
  • Patients can expect to learn about: a range of cooking skills and techniques, food hygiene and safe cooking, following a recipe from scratch and shopping and budgeting.
  • Cooking Skills is provided by Zest in conjunction with Jamie’s Ministry of Food
Jamie's Ministry of Food Leeds and Zest

Your Support

Patients who have complex needs or struggle to make behaviour change will be offered an enhanced service consisting of extended period of support.

How it Works:

60 minute Individual Assessment / Up to 6 one-to-one 30 minute sessions

  • Patients who would benefit from more intensive personal support to address multiple needs have access to 30 minute sessions with a One You Leeds Health Coach.
  • This support covers all healthy lifestyle support, including weight management, physical activity, healthy eating and smoking cessation. It is provided either in person or over the phone.

“It was good fun, enjoyable and very useful. I already know a fair bit, but it reinforced that and added more useful information.”

Susan lost 13 lbs in 12 weeks (5% of her body weight)