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We know it is not always easy in our busy lives to make the right choices when it comes to our health, but we are here to support you.

Our coaches

  • Hannah Parry

    Hannah Parry

    Manage Your Weight Coach Manager

    I went to Leeds Beckett university and qualified with a BSC in Sport and Exercise Science and used this to work with the community in One You Leeds. I love to help people achieve their goals and see people making amazing changes to their lifestyle. In my spare time, I love going on long walks with my dog and experiment with cooking new foods and recipes. I am also very passionate about hockey and play every week with my club.

  • Dalia Hawley

    Dalia Hawley

    Manage Your Weight and Eat Better

    The best part of my job for me is helping people to understand that fad diets are not necessary to lose weight. It’s key for me to support them in changing a negative narrative and language around food and eating habits too. Outside of work I can often be found running across muddy woodland trails and hills or cycling on and off road. I have recently got into gardening and I am looking forward to growing sunflowers and various veg in Spring.

  • Heather Richmond

    Heather Richmond

    Manage Your Weight and Eat Better

    I have just recently joined the One You Leeds team in 2020 as one of the Health and Wellbeing coaches. In this role I work within Manage Your Weight, Eat Better and Your Support services. I am really enjoying meeting lots of people and helping them make positive changes. In my spare time I love being outdoors and going on long walks in the countryside. I also love the theatre and all things musical.

  • Joe Straw

    Joe Straw

    Move More, Manage Your Weight and Eat Better

    I have a sports background and competed as a boxer. I enjoy running and going for walks in the Peak District and Yorkshire Dales and have a masters in Exercise and Physical Activity for Health. I hope to use my previous experiences to help the people of Leeds become healthier and more active!

  • Marie Leadsford

    Marie Leadsford

    Manage Your Weight, Eat Better and Your Support Service

    I have been part of One You Leeds since the programme started in 2017. What I love about my job is the feeling of satisfaction I get from meeting all different kinds of people in the community and seeing them make some fantastic changes to their lifestyle. Most of my spare time is spent with my 2 precious grandsons who keep me fit and healthy and I love going out for long walks in the fresh air.

  • Dianne Presha

    Dianne Presha

    Senior Health & Wellbeing Coach

    I joined One You Leeds in April 2019. In my role I support PT's on Be Smoke Free, Your Support, Eat Better and Adult Weight Management services. It's the best job I have ever had - I love it! I am a Mum to Annie and Jasmine (my cats!) and in my spare time, I enjoy yoga, swimming and walking. I have just recently retired from extreme sports after completing my first Total Warrior!

  • Dale Triggs

    Dale Triggs

    Manage Your Weight, Eat Better and Move More Coach Manager

    I have been a part of One You Leeds since April 2018 following the completion of my BSc Sport, Health, Exercise and Nutrition course at Leeds Trinity University. I have delivered on our Be Smoke Free, Adult Weight Management and Your Support programmes. I really enjoy talking to lots of people in the community about their wellbeing and supporting our participants to achieve their goals. I try and spend at much time as possible in the outdoors, going for long walks and cycling.

Our support team

  • Hilary Petrou

    Hilary Petrou

    Programme Support Service Manager

    I am the Programme Support Services Manager and joined the programme in July 2018. I am responsible for the day to day management of the PSS team who are the first point of contact for One You Leeds. In my spare time I enjoy running, after mastering the NHS “Couch to 5k” app!

  • Christine Lunn

    Christine Lunn

    Operations Manager

    As Health & Wellbeing Manager I am responsible for the overall running and performance of One You Leeds. I am passionate about ensuring the service reaches those who will benefit from it and that best service possible is delivered to our participants. As an integrated health service, the integration is important not only with the different support options we deliver, but also with other services in Leeds. We are always looking to work with partners to do this effectively. In my spare time I enjoy quality family time, particularly long muddy walks, and games nights.

  • Nicola Henderson

    Nicola Henderson

    Health and Wellbeing Coach Manager

    I have been a part of the One You Leeds team since it started in October 2017. I am a Health and Wellbeing Coach Manager for the Be Smoke Free and Your Support services. I have been helping smokers across Leeds to quit and lead more healthier lives since 2005 and Iove seeing the positive changes this really does make to their lives. Away from work I’m a busy mum of two young boys and a Labrador. We love family walks, camping trips and days out. I also like to escape the chaos of family life and go for a run in the countryside!

  • Holly Birkinshaw

    Holly Birkinshaw

    Partnership Manager

    I have been part of One You Leeds since 2019. As Partnership Manager I work with our local stakeholders and actively promote the awareness of One You Leeds preventative health services across the whole of Leeds. I enjoy being out in the community and hearing how we can support people to make healthier changes to their lives. I love being outdoors, hiking and skiing, my ideal weekend would be spent outside being active and exploring new places.

  • Kathryn Melia

    Kathryn Melia

    Clinical Lead

    I joined One You Leeds in February 2018 as a Health and Wellbeing Adviser and have been in the Clinical Lead role for the past 6 months. I am responsible for delivering and leading on the specialist clinical aspects of all One You Leeds interventions to make certain that we are constantly improving. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, weight-lifting, travelling and spending time out hiking with my dogs.

  • Teah Renton

    Teah Renton

    Outreach Coordinator

    I recently joined One You Leeds in 2021 as an Outreach Coordinator. My role involves being out in the community, promoting our services across the whole of Leeds. I’m passionate about helping people make a change, and I love meeting new people and hearing about their experiences. In my free time I love spending time with family and friends as well as travelling and finding new places to explore, anything that involves adventure and I’m there!